Boarding Your Horse at Laurel Hill Farm

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With large green paddocks, a 160′ x 300′ arena (comparable to size of Baker Arena), and a 60 ft. round pen…Our horse friends have a wonderful life here at Laurel Hill Farm.

Our large 12 x 12 stalls give horses room to move. Each stall has an automatic waterer. Feed, hay and turnout are all included in our stall board pricing. Our staff uses on-site and remote monitoring of horses via our webcams to ensure they are safe and secure at all hours, backed by 24/7 security cameras that record over the entire property.

Over 20 acres is used for turnouts, round pen, and arena with viewing platform along with our latest trail riding training course! Tack storage, a kitchen and lounge area are available for all boarders. Close to the barn is an outdoor wash rack. We are lucky to have such a great facility for both horses and their owners – there’s nothing like it in Northwest Florida…

We focus efforts on keeping our horses and guests happy and safe to ensure everyone shares a fun and responsible time at our facility. In order for boarding to be considered all applicants must be reviewed and approved by submitting this application.

Boarding Application

Rules & Regulations

  1.  All guests must register in office and sign a waiver.
  2.  Do NOT feed any horse other than your own any food, snack or beverage of any kind without the present consent of the horse owner.
  3.  All persons under the age of 18 must wear a helmet anytime when mounted upon a horse. (Advised, but optional for adults)
  4.  NO person is allowed in stall area of the barn with the exceptions of the owner of a horse boarding in a stall or while being accompanied by farm manager.
  5.  No parking on the grass or in reserved spots throughout the property.
  6.  All gates are to remain closed.
  7.  Turnout locations must be assigned and verified by farm manager.
  8.   No outside animals without prior consent from farm manager.
  9.   No alcohol on property.
  10.   Keep common areas clean by picking up after yourself. Unclaimed items may be removed.
  11.   Please notify farm manager any time your horse will be leaving the property and for how long that absence will be.
  12.   Any and all training by a 3rd party person(s) must be approved and registered with Laurel Hill Farm. No exceptions.

Pasture Boarding


Premium Boarding

$650Includes Grain
Download Full Price Sheet Here
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