Our Hay

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Things To Know About Our Hay

Replanted in 2014, we grow almost 20 acres of Tifton 85 Burmuda Grass with mild Bahia mixed hay on select pastures at our farm.

Tifton 85 is a hybrid between a Bermuda grass and a Star grass developed and released by Dr. Glenn Burton’s breeding program at the Coastal Plain Station at Tifton, Georgia. It is more digestible than Coastal and has produced both higher hay yield and animal weight gain than Coastal across the Southeast. It has larger stems than Coastal, and this, along with higher yield, may increase hay-drying time as compared to the finer stem Bermuda grasses.

We test our soil and hay on regular schedules to ensure the right fertilization and weed prevention as our hay is grown for the high quality needs of horses but many of our customers also purchase for their goats, pigs and landscaping needs. And although some purchase for their nest coops, even chickens have been spotted eating our hay!

$6 per 30 lb square bale